Does Property Management Feel Like a Second Job?

Let Keyrenter Indianapolis North take the stress out of managing your investment property.

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Have you experienced these

Complexities in Property Management?


Pricing your residential investment property to meet market value and attract the right tenants.


Marketing and showing your home. 


Collecting applications and running background checks.


Selecting the tenant and setting the right expectations.

  • Screening potential tenants and setting the right expectations.
  • Drafting a lease contract that protects your investment.
  • Understanding fair housing laws and how they apply to you.
  • Avoiding lost income from evictions and lease violations



Screening potential tenants and setting the right expectations.


Drafting a lease contract that protects your investment.


Understanding fair housing laws and how they apply to you.


Avoiding lost income from evictions and lease violations.

  • Handling maintenance requests and knowing what is a reasonable request.
  • Establishing a trusted vendor network for maintenance needs.
  • Knowing what kind of insurance you need to carry as a landlord.
  • Handling the complex accounting of your investment.

Handling maintenance requests and knowing what is a reasonable request.


Establishing a trusted vendor network for maintenance needs.


Knowing what kind of insurance you need to carry as a landlord.


Handling the complex accounting of your investment.

  • Picking the right property management company for the best value and service, instead of simply trying to save a few dollars with low-end service.

Picking the right property management company for the best value and service, instead of simply trying to save a few dollars with low-end service.

Keyrenter Indianapolis North

We Take the Risk Out Of Renting

Renting your home is simple with Keyrenter. We make the entire experience hassle-free, and we walk you through the steps of renting your home or investment property without the stress of doing it yourself. If anything goes wrong, we have systems in place to take care of you and your property. The experience of renting your home will be completely different than managing it yourself, or working with one of our low-price cut-rate competitors.

“Great company to be a part of! We grew from zero to 315 units under management in 14 months, all thanks to the franchise HQ’s processes and systems, and their backend support that helped us focus on sales and operations!”

—Mat Z.

Eviction Guard

  • Keyrenter eviction rate is under 1%
  • Eviction costs covered up to $1,500 for any tenants placed by Keyrenter

Pet Guard

  • Keyrenter screens pets to ensure the pet owner and pet will be a good fit for your home
  • $1,000 guarantee to cover any pet damage included

Tenant Guarantee

  • We will replace any tenant who breaks the lease early at no cost to you.
  • Property owner gets 1.5 months rent if tenant leaves early

Maintenance Guarantee

  • We utilize our proven vendor network to get repairs done professionally, timely and affordably
  • If a repair is done incorrectly, we will ensure it is fixed at no cost to you
This is your house

We Know it’s Tough to Trust Someone Else

The thought of having someone else living in your home can be overwhelming.

  • Are they going to take care of my house?
  • Are they going to be good neighbors to my neighbors?
  • Are they going to treat me with respect?

You don’t have to answer these questions yourself. Keyrenter gets to know you and your expectations from your tenants, and has a screening process to ensure that you get the best possible tenant in place. We want a successful tenant who pays on time and is respectful of your house and property.


The Keyrenter Indianapolis North Difference

Becoming a successful property manager doesn’t have to take hours of time and hassle on your part. If you’ve decided on renting out your home and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been doing it for a while and want to delegate responsibilities, Keyrenter Property Management is the premiere solution for your situation.

We do business at the local level. Your Property Manager will tour your property, get to know you, and make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy the good life. You get a monthly payment to your bank account, and we do all the work.

Best Property Management Services

What does a property management company do?

The best property manager delivers from beginning to end.

Our job goes beyond renting your property. It starts with finding the perfect tenants for your property. We then manage your property, collect rent, and make sure it is well maintained.

When the current tenants vacate the property, we start the process again to keep it rented as fast as possible, so that you keep getting paid on your investment property. We start the process 30 days before the tenant leaves to reduce vacancy as much as possible.

Our property management services even include the process and cost of the eviction process + finding a new great tenant—although our tenant vetting and screening process are so scrupulous that very few of our clients have had to resort to eviction.

Tenant Placement

We run ads that target specific needs, depending on the location of your property. We highlight a price point that validates quality tenants. We post to over 30 websites, send it out to a prospective tenant database, and work hard to get your property rented as quickly as possible.

More importantly, we screen each and every one of the tenant applicants to ensure the best match for your property.

The tenant screening process

Once a tenant contacts us, we start the screening process. We base it on an analysis of credit history, employment history, and background checks.

Once the prospective tenants pass the screening process, we schedule a showing. Our system ensures that we only interact with highly qualified leads who are actively interested in your property.

We also provide prospective tenants with access to their dedicated property manager so they can get answers to any questions they may have about the property. It’s best for everyone if tenants know beforehand exactly all the features and aspects of the property as well as the requirements expected of them. We want them to have all the information about a property rather than face unwelcome surprises after the lease is signed. This is why we have a tenant orientation with each tenant prior to move-in to make sure they understand how to take care of the property like their own.

What is the best tenant?

The best tenant is one who pays on time, doesn’t cause any problems, and doesn’t leave the property before the end of the lease. It is also the tenant who is considerate of their community and takes good care of the residential property.

A comprehensive lease

If your lease isn’t up to date with current laws and clear in laying out expectations, you could encounter problems. That is why our attorney has crafted solid lease agreements that are designed to prevent problems before they could ever arise.

We are there when the tenants move in your property

We work by collecting the security deposit, doing a pre-move-in inspection, and carefully highlighting issues or problems that could arise with the property. Our goal is to place tenants who understand and appreciate the required care needed to maintain your property.


Sometimes evictions are inevitable, despite our immense efforts and extensive experience in placing valuable and dependable tenants.

However, eviction is not our immediate response to problems occurring with tenants. We first try to resolve disagreements, thus ensuring that you keep your existing renters—and the property profitable.

However, we are acutely aware that tenants may try to take advantage of our resolution efforts. In such cases, we start the eviction process because we know your property deserves better.

We know the legal process of evictions

Here at Keyrenter, we understand the legal process and nuance to evicting properly, quickly, and easily. We file the appropriate paperwork, represent your interests in court, and ensure that both you and your property are protected.

Meet Your Leasing Agent

Relationships are the foundation of our success. As a unified team creating win-win solutions, our team’s focus is on providing excellent service. We value integrity and honesty and always strive to satisfy our clients.

You will have a top property manager dedicated to your account

Once you delegate to us the management of your rental property or investment properties, you will be given a main point of contact who will be overseeing your account.

However, rest assured that our whole leasing agency team is here to support you and each other and we work together to find the best tenants for your rental property.

By having a dedicated leasing agent, you will feel secure in knowing there is an experienced property manager looking after your investment.

Our owners’ portal

We provide you with an owners’ portal, where you can find all of your monthly statements and maintenance records, year end reports. You can also update us with changes to your information, and make contributions for repairs if needed.

Communicating with us

Your dedicated leasing agent and property manager will always be available for your questions and queries. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, no matter how trivial they might seem to you. This is why we offer a 24-hour response time guarantee for all of our clients.

Open communication is key to a satisfied property owner. We will advise you based on our extensive experience and deep knowledge of the local rental property market.

Together, we will make your investment profitable for years to come.

How Our Property Maintenance Works
We take care of your home to maximize its profitability

A major part of our services concerns your property’s maintenance.

Ignoring small leaks or mold under the sink is unacceptable to us because they can lead to considerable problems further down the line.

We take care of your property as if it were our own. We want to keep giving you returns for years to come. And the best way for a property to be profitable is if it is well maintained.

What does maintenance entail?

As long as a house is lived in, maintenance issues will occur. Air filters need replacing, leaks must be fixed, gutters must be cleaned, and knobs and electric switches have to be tightened.

Our maintenance process

We streamline the maintenance experience for you and your tenants. We do this by providing a space for the tenant to log into our online portal to describe their maintenance request so we can diagnose the issue, and get one of our trained technicians to the property right away.

Our regular inspections matter

Since we also keep inspection notes, we’ll know which issues are caused by tenants or are property-specific ones. Thanks to our routine inspections, we catch any problem from the beginning, before it can simmer into a serious issue. That way, your property doesn’t lose its value.

Our skilled and experienced maintenance crews

Finding maintenance crews who don’t overcharge and do a great job can be hard. That’s why Keyrenter curates a list of qualified and vetted specialists and technicians to help keep your property in great condition.

When something goes wrong, we don’t cut corners. Your property is an investment and we treat it as such. Our team will ensure your tenants are cared for by the best experts and that your property stays profitable no matter what.

Maintenance matters to everyone

It matters to property owners

A well-maintained property will deliver for years. Even when the current tenants leave, the new ones will certainly appreciate a house that looks well-maintained, clean, and well taken care of.

It matters to tenants

Tenants are bound to stay longer in a rental property if it is maintained regularly and properly. Happy and satisfied tenants will take better care of your property and will be more careful and conscientious with its upkeep.

Personal Unmatched Service

Keyrenter Property Management is unmatched in the level of service provided to those who trust us to take care of their homes. We care about you, your property, and your tenants; but it takes more than that to be successful in renting a home. We understand Fair Housing legal regulations, and we provide specific guarantees to help lower your risk and reduce the expenses that come with a residential investment property.

With everything that can make renting a property stressful, many landlords turn to Keyrenter Property Management and have never looked back.

We know renting out your home requires a lot of you. But once you meet with your personal property manager, and let them get to know you, all those difficulties drift away. Our personal approach and knowledge allows us to achieve successful results for people just like you who are letting Keyrenter be the landlord.



24/7 Peace Of Mind

Choosing Keyrenter means you’ve made the right choice in ensuring your property is cared for by the best in the business. We take a tech-forward approach to getting you paid on time, every time. We also provide tenant screening and guarantees that you keep you covered. With all that and more, it’s hard not to see that working with this leasing agency is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Being a dedicated landlord means long hours to do everything right by everyone involved. Your evenings and weekends vanish, and when renting your property goes wrong, it’s more stress than many can take. But you can skip right to the successful property owner end of the story by scheduling your no-strings-attached discovery call with your local Keyrenter Property Management agency.

City’s Top Leasing Agency

Trusted By Over 500 Happy Home Owners

We joined the Keyrenter family in 2018 and are proud to be part of such an outstanding organization. Aaron, Nate and the entire staff at Keyrenter are committed to the success of our business and to success in our personal lives. They have provided us with all the tools, training and support that is necessary for operating a prosperous business. Ann, Kelly and Trista are so helpful at keeping us focused and moving forward. They are always upbeat, positive and reassuring as we have moved through the on-boarding process to the opening of our doors for business. We’re very excited about what lies ahead. Thank you Dusty, Keyrenter has been everything you said it would be.

Keith S.

Joining Keyrenter as a franchisee has been a great decision. This company has helped me grow tremendously in the short 6 months I have been a part of the Keyrenter family. The systems and support have elevated me personally and professionally. I had already been a property manager for four years and I was very reactive. There are a lot of pain points in property management and I went from hoping those things did not happen to having a solid plan for every pain point. I also have total access to people who have years of experience dealing with every possible outcome in this business. That support is huge!

Rodney F.

My wife and I purchased a franchise in 2017 and it was the best professional decision we’ve made. Aaron, Kelly, Nate, Dusty and the entire team were welcoming and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of structuring our business. They supported us pre- and post- opening and have laid a foundation of processes, tools and methods that have allowed us to hit the ground running. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Keyrenter!

Calvin D.

We have rented with Keyrenter for a few years now. They are easy to work with and we can pay the rent online. You can also submit maintenance requests online and renew lease agreements online as well. They also check in and do inspections from time to time to make sure that everything is in working order and that the filters etc are being replaced . Maintenance is always quick to respond if there is an issue and we have had a couple after hours where we have needed someone to respond. They are always quick to send someone and get the problem fixed. While I’m not a fan of some of the fees on top of the regular rent that get charged to maintain the account etc, I understand they are there and can appreciate they are for good reason because on the rare occasion when issues do arise we are promptly taken care of and it makes it worth while.
Jennifer B.

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