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Property Management in Carmel, Indiana

Tucked away just north of Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana feels like an idyllic suburban community. As you walk down historic Main Street, once it crosses Rangeline Road, you’ll arrive at a large clock tower. In 1837, this spot is where the city’s founders first chartered the city. They named it Bethlehem at the time, and the city wouldn’t receive its modern name until 1874.

You can also hike the city’s renowned rail trail, the Monon Trail. This trail traces the original tracks that connected Indianapolis to Chicago. Stomping along those old trails is just as stunning today, thanks to the city’s rail-trail project.

Don’t forget to get a snapshot of the famous spotlight before you leave Main Street and Rangeline. First installed in 1924, it’s among the first to ever be installed in the US.

Carmel, Indiana Quick Facts

Current median home value is a robust $441,000. Median rental prices for a 3 bed 2 bath home hover between $2,000 and $2,700. Census Bureau Quickfacts reported the median household income was $112,000 between 2015-2019. With an estimated population of 100,000, it’s still relatively uncrowded.

Carmel, Indiana Demographics

Nearly 2/3 of city households are occupied by married couples. Carmel’s median age was 39.2 years old in the 2010 census. The census also noted that Caucasians composed over 85% of the city’s population. The next largest group, Asian descent, took up 8.9%. Only 6.3% of Carmel households are headed by a family homeowner.

Carmel, Indiana Economic Life

Meridian Corridor is the heart of the city’s economic center. More than 40 major corporations have built their headquarters there. Geico, Liberty Mutual, and even CNO Financial own locations. These are all some of the largest employers in the area as well.

Carmel, Indiana Attractions

Stop by Carmel’s Farmers Market to get a real taste of what this area is about. Historically, this area has been one of the most fertile regions in the country. At the Farmers Market, you can still find locals carrying on those same traditions. Harvest season feels like a new holiday here.

Old Town Carmel has been converted into a modern art district now. You can find venues where local artists perform, and there are also some delicious places to eat. Everybody ought to try some craft food before they leave in the old market square.

The Kawachinagano Japanese Garden is one of the city’s newest attractions. Construction first broke ground in 2007, and it wouldn’t complete until 2009. Sitting down amidst those Japanese roses can feel otherworldly.


Located in the heart of central Indiana, Fishers is one place in the United States that has a lot to offer anyone in search of a relaxed, laid back lifestyle and easy access to an urban center. Fishers is a tight knit community with warm and inviting people. This small but growing town has many things to recommend it for anyone looking for a nice place to settle down. With affordable housing, low crime rates, good schools and an easy commute to nearby Indianapolis, it’s no wonder the community has garnered a lot of positive attention both locally and by those in the national media. In 2019, MONEY magazine named this Indiana city third on their best places to live in the United States.

Lots of Benefits

There are lots of benefits to living here. For one thing, housing costs are well below average. That makes it easy to afford the home you want without spending too much. For another, the city also has a thriving job market. The local unemployment rate remains under three percent. The median household income reflects this with an annual income of $104,000. People find it easy to start a business as the local community is highly inviting. They also find it easy to head to Indianapolis a short drive away. In the last few years, investment, this has lead to millions of investments in the region. That makes it easy for residents to create the kind of job they want and employee others to help them may their dreams come true.

Community Investment

Officials here recognize the need to help people appreciate the region’s attractions. That is why they have spent time and money working on the downtown area. This section, known as the Nickel Plate District, now serves as the center of city life. People can find an outdoor amphitheatre with plenty of performances all year year long. They can also find many charming and delightful retail stores in the center of the city. This includes lots of fabulous restaurants as well as spaces that let people live and work in the down area. The area also includes a hotel for out of town guests and plans for additional expansion in the near future.

Other Great Things

Residents take great pride in living in this town. With a population of about 92,000, the city is on the verge of even bigger things. The expected job growth in the next few years should be nine percent or more. In addition, residents can enjoy a pleasant climate. Over a hundred and fifty clear days a year are the hallmark of the region. That means there are plenty of chances to have fun outdoors. Stores like IKEA make it easy for people to find the things they want in a convenient, lively place. Conner Prairie is an outdoor museum dedicated to Indiana’s historical roots. That’s just one example of the many reasons why so many people make their homes here.




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